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Where To Start With An Embedded System

1 hour session
Presenter: Michael Wilk

Doulos Certified Training Instructor

Webinar Overview:

In this introductory webinar, we review what an embedded device or system is along with how to get started with properly defining product requirements.

The effective definition of a product’s requirements and the development methodology used is critical to a successful embedded project, saving considerable time and cost as well as improving product quality.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The first steps in identifying an embedded device and the fundamental engineering and project development stages.
  • Strategies to avoid the creation of a defective device, including how to create a product specification and engineering requirements.
  • The use of tools in assisting development, which is key at all levels. We touch upon the issues of software development and how using a pre-existing platform approach, such as Renesas Synergy™, can further accelerate the process.

As an entry level webinar, it will be useful to project team members in showing how to establish and/or improve the project management approach of creating embedded systems.

Michael Wilk

Michael Wilk Embedded Systems & Software Consultant and Doulos Certified Training Instructor Michael Wilk presents this training webinar.

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