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The Needs to Knows of IEEE UVM

1 hour session (All Time Zones)
Presenter: Matthew Taylor

Doulos Senior Member Technical Staff

Asia and Europe

Time: 10-11am (GMT) 11am-12pm (CET) 3.30-4.30pm (IST)


Time: 10-11am (PST) 11am-12pm (MST) 12-1pm (CST) 1-2pm (EST)

Webinar Overview:

The standardization of UVM under IEEE 1800.2-2017 incorporates some significant changes to the Accellera UVM version 1.2 from which it is derived.
Some are functional code changes, some are non-functional (to documentation, for example).

Some of the changes will affect all users, so even if you have no immediate plans to move away from UVM 1.2, now is certainly the time to be aware of these changes, so that you can consider future-proofing new code that you write.

This tutorial-style webinar presents the background around each change so that its relevance can be easily understood. 

The Synopsys® VCS® simulator, running in EDA Playground, will be used to practically illustrate the changes.

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor Doulos Senior Member Technical Staff Matthew Taylor will present this training webinar, which will consist of a one-hour presentation with interactive Q&A available to attendees throughout.

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