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Central Europe

Onsite and Customised Training
All Doulos courses can be delivered onsite and customised to meet your exact requirements. Doulos excels at tailoring course content, duration, EDA tool and technology contexts to maximise the value of training. If you have 3 or more engineers to train, please contact the Sales Team for further details. Tuition can be delivered in German or English.

Public Courses

Public courses for Central Europe are usually taught in English. However, depending on-demand can be delivered in German. They are scheduled regularly in Munich at venues within easy reach of the airport and public transport.
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Arm Approved Training Center (ATC)

An Arm Approved Training Center since 2002, Doulos has delivered Arm training to more than half of the world's top ten semiconductor companies, plus Arm customers in a range of application spaces. Doulos is the only Arm Approved Training Partner with a fully independent background in the EDA industry, and the only ATC in the SoC design and verification space with a full scope supporting training portfolio.

Uniquely, two streams of training cater for the specific needs of SoC Designers integrating Arm cores and Software Developers creating applications for Arm based systems.

Booking Enquiries

Please call +49 (0)511 1659 4160, email or select „Make an enquiry" from the course description or course schedule pages.

Client List

Our Central European client base ranges from small businesses with one-off training reqirements, to multi-nationals requiring the development of complete training programmes. Infineon, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, NXP, Philips, AMD and Micronas are just some of our Central European clients.