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Example 4 - Non-blocking Transport, Payload Event Queues, Memory Management

This example demonstrates the following features of TLM-2.0:

  • The non-blocking transport interface
  • The forward, backward and return paths
  • The generic payload
  • Simple sockets
  • The Approximately-Timed coding style
  • Payload event queues
  • The BEGIN_REQ and BEGIN_RESP exclusion rules
  • Memory management


You will download source code licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and a PDF file containing copyrighted material developed by Doulos Ltd. You are welcome to use and copy all material for private individual use, subject to the terms of the license agreement. For use of any material within a commercial presentation or within a separate document for wider distribution, we request that you give due acknowledgement to Doulos Ltd as the source of that material and the copyright owner. Any mention of specific organisations or their products does not imply an endorsement by Doulos of either the organisation or the product. All third party trademarks acknowledged.


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