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Easier UVM - Events

What is Easier UVM?

Easier UVM consists of the Easier UVM Coding Guidelines and the Easier UVM Code Generator. Easier UVM was created by Doulos as a service to the UVM community and is freely available from this website. You may use the Easier UVM Coding Guidelines as they are, merge them into your own company-specific UVM coding guidelines, or merely borrow some of the ideas. The Easier UVM Code Generator is a Perl script provided under the Apache 2.0 license (see the FAQ). You can also run the code generator from the EDA Playground website (see this video). There is extensive documentation and video tutorials on Easier UVM itself, and a series of video tutorials that teach UVM by taking advantage of Easier UVM and EDA Playground - see the links at the bottom of this and every Easier UVM webpage.vm/easier_uvm_guidelines">Coding Guidelines and a Code Generator.

The Easier UVM Coding Guidelines and Code Generator

You can get the Easier UVM Coding Guidelines and Code Generator here

Resources, training, events and webinars

Following the success of Easier UVM events and webinars over the past year, Doulos will continue to develop resources to assist engineers in getting to grips with SystemVerilog and UVM.

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: more resources, training opportunities, events and webinars will be posted here regularly.

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