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Doulos announce New Advanced SystemC training options

February 2005|Press release

Doulos, the global leader for the development and delivery of market leading design and verification training solutions is announcing major changes at DVCon to their SystemC training portfolio.

New Advanced Training

Addressing the advanced modelling and verification training needs of the SystemC user community, the Doulos experts behind the new OSCI SystemC LRM (Language Reference Manual) have developed 2 new modules.

  • Expert SystemC Modelling
    One of the major benefits of, and driving forces behind SystemC is the ability to create fast models of microprocessor based systems at the transaction level. This 2- day course covers in detail the brand new Transaction Level Modelling (TLM) standard just released by OSCI, and teaches existing users how to code for compilation, simulation speed and IP re-use.

  • Expert SystemC Verification
    The SystemC Verification Library (SCV) extends the SystemC language for testbench automation. In 2 days this course teaches the use of SCV and the constrained random approach to verification; how to debug and validate models; how to exploit SCV and transaction level modelling.

New Golden Reference Guide - SystemC version 2.1

The release of version 2.1 of the SystemC class library has added new features to the language, which extend its utilitiy for transaction level modelling. The February release of the new SystemC Golden Reference Guide features: Full SystemC 2.1 coverage Identification of old language features that are no longer recommended by OSCI Differences between the LRM and OSCI reference simulator Core interfaces and channels from the TLM interface standard OSCI reference simulator macros A special section on common errors made by SystemC users

About Doulos

Doulos is the global leader for the development and delivery of market leading training solutions for SoC, FPGA and ASIC design and verification. Involved in the development of SystemC training and methodology for over 4 years, we have delivered SystemC training to more than 70 companies - including tool and methodology developers in ARM, Cadence, CoWare, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys. Doulos in-house expertise supports training solutions for SystemVerilog, e, PSL, VHDL, Verilog, Perl and Tcl/Tk, as well as SystemC. Public courses are delivered in the local languages in the UK, France, Germany and USA; onsite and customised training is delivered world-wide.
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