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January 2019|News

Doulos is pleased to announce the availability of its corporate training programs across India.

Addressing all the key subjects and skills required to enable teams to be fully proficient and productive in VLSI and Embedded System design, Doulos will provide training programs tuned to the needs of teams in the Indian market.

'We have been delivering training into key clients in India for some time and developing our ideas as to how we can best tune our programs to the dynamic conditions in India,' said Rob Hurley, Doulos CEO. 'This announcment represents a step-wise change in our ability to serve the needs of this growing region. We are extending our network of Certified Trainers to include subject matter specialists from India in key topics. We will also be announcing shortly local partnerships to enable the logistics needed to deliver our training service across India.'

Doulos is show-casing its training programs at the Synopsys Users Group in Bangalore June 23/24 where it is a Silver Sponsor.