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Embedded C++: Dispelling Myths and Pre-conceptions

1 hour session (All Time Zones)
Presenter: Dr Des Howlett

Doulos Senior Member Technical Staff

Webinar Overview:

Programs are becoming larger and more complex all the time, and embedded software is no different. The old concerns about compiler efficiency, particularly for programming small microcontrollers in C rather than hand-tuned assembly code, have moved on to a debate over C++ replacing C…

In this webinar:

We aim to clarify the issues and concerns that exist for teams considering using C++ for embedded applications, including questions such as:

  • Does C++ have too much overhead for embedded programming?
  • Will the C++ features, such as automation, make the process more complicated or problematic?

We will demonstrate that the compiler can be made to work for the programmer, rather than the other way around by:

  • looking at what the C++ compiler is doing to code
  • how C++ can automate function calls using a familiar syntax structure
  • examining how conditional compilation in C++ has been expanded to enable significant efficiencies over standard C programming.

The Renesas RA Family of MCUs will be used as a demonstration toolset.

Dr Des Howlett

Dr Des Howlett , Senior Member Technical Staff, presents this training webinar.

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