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Authorized Training Provider for AMD Xilinx

Doulos is an Authorized Training Provider for AMD Xilinx that operates globally.

Check out the full portfolio of courses available below - or contact your local Doulos team to discuss your specific needs. 

In North America: Doulos is based in San Jose and, in addition to serving Northern California, works within a collaborative consortium in partnership with Faster Technology and Technically Speaking International to service the West Coast & Mountain regions, Canada and many states across Central and Eastern America. View the Authorized Training Provider network page for full details. 

In Europe: Doulos is the Authorized Training Provider for AMD Xilinx in the United Kingdom & Ireland and the Nordic region.

On-line World-Wide: Most courses in the Doulos training portfolio are available for delivery world-wide as Live Online Training. The up-to-date training materials developed by AMD Xilinx are delivered by certified Doulos instructors who use Xilinx devices in their work.

Please use the links below to navigate to the courses for more information.


Digital Signal Processing

Embedded Systems

FPGA Design (7 Series - Vivado)





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