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Debugging SystemC with GDB

1 hour session (All Time Zones)
Presenter: David C Black

Doulos Senior Member Technical Staff

Webinar Overview:

This webinar explores debugging SystemC code with basic tools, including issues and strategies to make improvements. A large portion of the webinar includes a demonstration of a small design. Topics include single-stepping without getting lost and obtaining information about SystemC simulation status. The session concludes with ideas on how to simplify debugging and accelerate development.

The webinar is suitable for SystemC programmers of any level. It will cover: 

  • SystemC debug challenges
  • Tools
  • Demo:
    • Configuring the code
    • .gdbinit
  • Strategies & Wrap-up

The webinar also features the Virtualizer Studio IDE from Synopsys for browsing, editing and debug of SystemC source code.

The webinar is presented by David C Black, Doulos Senior Member of Technical Staff and co-author of "SystemC: From the Ground Up".

David C Black

David C Black , Doulos Senior Member Technical Staff, presents this training webinar.

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